Taking Responsibility is the First Step to a Successful Mindset

VictoryIn this article, I’d like to discuss something that’s vital to your success & at first, can shock you, but once embraced, will have an amazing power in your business!

If your business is not where you want it to [Read more…]

Believe in Yourself and Pursue Your Passion

Your beliefs are such an important component of your mindset!

You need to believe in your business. You need to believe in your goals. But first and foremost, you need to believe in YOU.

Now, you maybe saying, “But [Read more…]

Your Decisions Define Your Future

Where you are today – in both your business and your life – is the direct result of the decisions you have made in the past.

Think about it for a moment. You would not be where you are right [Read more…]

What is Your Current Mindset?

Your success is all about you having the right mindset. Before you can get to work on developing the right mindset, though, you have to understand what it is. Only when you clearly understand it can you become fully aware [Read more…]

Dreams Are Goals with Deadlines

When your vision and your dreams are big – surely, they are big, right? no point, in playing a small game…) – at some point you’re going to ask yourself, “Exactly how do I do this?”

Of course you can [Read more…]

Visualise Your Goals: Ready, Set, Go!!!

One of the biggest challenges we all face is the ability to consistently concentrate on our goals, our aspirations, our career, and our dreams. With all of the many tasks and obstacles we encounter each and every day, how do [Read more…]

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

If you’ve been raised to act respectful and “proper,” it’s probably been instilled in you at some point in your upbringing that modesty is a virtue. You shouldn’t point out all the things you’ve accomplished or sing your own praises [Read more…]

Reflect and Monitor: The Before and After of Decision-Making

There are two very important aspects of decision-making that every business owner must keep in mind.The first comes before the decision. When you are about to make a decision, it’s important to reflect on your options.

But it’s also important [Read more…]

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