Cut the Clutter

Moving right along in our quest for organization is getting rid of clutter. Now, I know you (and I) all battle clutter daily. It’s a plague so let’s do our best to keep it from totally taking over.

Clutter is [Read more…]

The Power of an Organizing Vision

By request, I have come up with a list of steps to getting organized to simplify life. Today’s post is the first, and often overlooked. It is to simply visualize (or decide) what you want. Don’t be tempted to stop [Read more…]

Better Homes and Closets Webinar

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Better Homes and Closets Webinar

Friday, January 20, 2012

Noon Eastern Time | 
11:00 a.m. Central Time | 
10:00 a.m. Mountain Time
 | 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time

What You’ll Learn in 30 minutes [Read more…]

Blame Your Clutter on Society!

Clutter is rampant in our society. No matter what we try, it seems to seep back into our daily lives. In a word it’s excess “stuff” and even too much on the “to do” list. What’s causing this and why [Read more…]

Are You Hiding Behind Being Too Busy?

“I don’t have enough time,” is a common excuse for procrastinating. Since in reality we all have exactly the same number of hours in the day, the real deal is in how we use them. Granted some people have more [Read more…]

Does Your Email Time Reflect Your Values?

Being aware of your core values is such a great way to get (and stay)on course….even when it comes to controlling email.

Think about what is important to you and see what email is incongruent with your primary values. For [Read more…]

Social Giving = Social Good

One of the most interesting and fulfilling trends that’s picking up steam is using social technology for social good.

Everywhere I look there are efforts to make significant improvements for people world wide as a result of the small giving [Read more…]

Freedom from Procrastination

Lack motivation or confusion is a frequent cause of procrastination. Sometimes you just can’t figure out how and where to start. Learning how to overcome procrastination can set you free! Here are some ideas to help you get moving.

1. [Read more…]

Terrific, Simple Holiday Dinnerware Tradition

For over 25 years now our family has had a fun Thanksgiving Dinner tradition. Like most pre-schoolers, our children learned to make the “turkeys” by tracing around their hands. They were so enamored with this magical method of creating “turkeys” [Read more…]

SMARTcut® Solutions- When Things Go Awry

Be creative!

Get outside the box and do something different. Break away from your normal routines at home or work and concentrate on the need of the moment. Use new ideas to keep your kids busy while you work.

Maybe [Read more…]

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